Security for your equipment data room or work station

Ensuring data security as IT continues to dominate business and government operations, companies need to be certain  their network electronic equipment is safe by using  locked data racks and enclosures along with security cameras and firewalls.  Although we usually believe security threats come from outside thieves or cyber hackers many breaks in security come from internal personnel.

Unauthorized internal access to servers and workstations  is among the most common threat to a business’ security. The 2008 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey reports that insider abuse ranks among the top two security concerns, with 44% of security professionals citing the threat.

More and more IT managers are utilizing locked security cabinets and enclosures for their electronics including servers and even lock boxes for their dvr equipment. Keys are given only to those in charge for safe keeping. Additionally, security cameras whether covert or clearly mounted in your office or server room act as the number 1 prevention tool for business putting any potential burglar on notice. Server racks and enclosures offered by US manufactured companies like Kendall Howard and Middle Atlantic Products and security cameras from Hawk-i and Golden State Instrument offer some of your best solutions for securing your business data. Quality products such as these can be purchased at very economical prices from Value Tech Supply ( A leader in providing security products ,they guarantee great service and their prices are very competitive.

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