Generic vs Brand Name: Are they really the same?

Think about your prescriptions. Are they brand name or generic?  What is less expensive? Are they really the same? In most cases they are. This debate can be noted for many other products we consumers use on a daily basis. Many times the corn flakes we eat are even manufactured by the brand name companies. In the case of many cables used in residential, home theater or industrial applications they also have the same product make up. Especially when cables meet certifications such as category 5E or Category 6 or HDMI. Manufacturers cannot claim the name unless it meets the criteria in the industry. The next time you buy expensive brand name cables think again if they are really different than the generic less expensive cables in the marketplace. Check out the specifications and see for yourself.

At Value Tech (  we sell both generic and brand name cables, cable managers, jacks and patch panels. You be the judge. We are here to give you value no matter what you choose to purchase.


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