Guardian Alert calls 911 for any emergency

Sometimes a simple device to use for emergencies is clearly the best. The Guardian Alert by LogicMark and offered by Value Tech Supply (  is a small calling pendant you can wear around your neck, attach to a wheelchair or clip on your belt. It is actually a little speakerphone. The difference is, it calls only one important phone number. It only calls 911. It is there for a true emergency . All you have to do is press the button and the pendant will automatically call 911. There are no monthly fees when you purchase the Guardian Alert and it is easy to install in your home. The best thing about the Guardian Alert is that any senior,disabled person or really anyone that lives alone can live independently and feel safe. It is an alarm system you wear in your own home . You can even use it in case of any intrusion or time when you do not feel safe. Remember this pendant calls 911 without delay of any intermediary operator. Get help fast when you need it most!

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