Personal Experience with the Freedom Alert

Well you always think you are buying a gadget that sounds good to use but never really know if it will come in handy for you. This was the case when I bought my 83 year old mother a LogicMark Freedom Alert 911 system from for Mothers Day. It is a pendant that my mom wears around her neck in the house. In an emergency she can press the button and it will call up to 4 people and 911 in any sequence you program. There are no monthly fees I had to pay and no contract or activation fees. I figured this would be a great thing to have in case of emergency. She has severe Osteoporosis and Parkinsons Disease. I always worry about her falling and not being there to help her.  I felt like she had some protection 24 hours a day even if no one was at home. Two weeks after I got the unit , my mom fell going from the porch to the den on a sliding glass door track. She was shuffling her feet and did not see where she was going. She fell face first into the carpeting and fractured her sternum. Luckily she was wearing her Freedom Alert and she contacted me immediately. We called 911 and the paramedics took her to the hospital within a few minutes. I was able to meet her there and help with the hospital admission process. Since the incident she was moved to a rehab facility and is coming home wednesday. We are excited for her to come home again and I feel confident that her Freedom Alert medical system will once again be there for her in case of emergency. I loved the fact that it called me so I knew exactly what was going on and could talk to my mom  during this crisis. It is a personal communicator that I am now convinced anyone young or old with any disability should not be without.

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