Networking Equipment Trends

The standards for computer networks are in the midst of a major change, according to data released by market intelligence firm In-Stat.

According to the data, users are migrating from ethernet (long the most popular networking technology) to faster options, like moving from Cat5e to the significantly faster Cat6 cable for physical connectivity between devices or a move to wireless networking using 802.11 devices. Users already using wireless networks are also trending faster, with many wi-fi networks moving to 802.11g or the emergine 802.11n.

The research suggests that wireless networks will soon outnumber wired ethernet networks, and networks as a whole are projected to number over 300 million by 2011. Other trends include the incorporation of non-PC or laptop electronic device into networks, a trend which is bound to increase as more manufacturers incorporate support for networking technology into their products.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that wireless is the right move for your office or campus network. While wireless technology is convenient, it can still be exploited a lot more easily than a hardwired network can. If security is absolutely paramount, your best bet is to stay with a wired network and upgrade to faster cables. If your office is still using Cat5 cables, upgrading to Cat6 or even Cat5e can give you a dramatic transfer speed increase.

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