10 Tips for Securing Your Business

Even with the utmost safety precautions in place, break-ins or other incidents can still happen; that’s why, in so many cases, how you prepare for that eventuality is as important as how you try to prevent it.

Is your business prepared to handle security situations that can pop up when you least expect them? If you’re a business owner that wants to make sure that the business is always safe and secure, consider these tips:

  1. If you’ve just moved to a new location, be sure that you change the locks so that previous tenants of the space don’t have access.
  2. Learn the police patrol schedules around your business and take some time to meet the officers. Ask to be alerted of any activity in the area so you can make arrangements accordingly.
  3. Frequently test your alarm systems, smoke detectors, and other security equipment such as cameras and your dvr so that you know that it’s working at its best. Proper maintenance on these devices ensures that you’re never left unprotected.
  4. Take some time to go over your business from floor to ceiling. Look for areas that could pose a danger, be easier to break-in to, or cause you any other concern. Take the appropriate action.
  5. Always be sure that your employees are locking and securing the building properly as they come and go.
  6. If you use computers for storing valuable information about your business, be sure that its secured with the right firewalls and anti-virus software. You don’t want to lose all your records thanks to a simple email attachment or a stray website.
  7. Make sure that areas surrounding your business are well-lit and offer little chance for a criminal to hide, like thorny landscaping or very short shrubs.
  8. If you run to make deposits to the bank, make sure that you aren’t going at the same time everyday and are taking different routes.
  9. Install a security system that offers you the protection you need. Depending on your use, consider both indoor and outdoor security cameras or even covert cameras as necessary. Make sure you have a dvr and monitor to secure the evidence if your property is compromised in any way.
  10. Have a clear emergency plan that you and your employees can enforce in a time of chaos. Remember, it pays to be prepared.

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