What Does CAT 5 Cables Do And Other Basic Facts About Networking Using Ethernet Cable

CAT 5 cable is short for category 5 cable and it is the layman’s term for Ethernet cable. Some people find it hard to understand what CAT 5 cable is and for what purpose it is used for. If you have a computer device at home, chances are you have seen what it looks like. It is that blue cable that runs between the terminal port of your computer or laptop and the modem.

They basically transmit internet signals from the modem to your computer. Try taking the blue cable off your computer and you will not have an internet connection. You will notice that when you look at the modem, the yellow light above the description “Ethernet” is dead. That is supposed to light up when connection between the modem and the laptop is established and that is only possible if you connect a CAT 5 cable properly.

This type of cable comes in many colors with blue being the most commonly known color. They can also be made to order size and colors depending on your needs.  At a closer inspection, you will notice on both ends of the CAT 5 that there are twisted pairs of wires individually wrapped in a plastic cable of different colors. There are blue, orange, yellow, green, white smaller cables inside the plastic sheath on both ends of the cable.

The individually wrapped smaller cables inside insulates the signal from outside interference making sure information is transmitted from one terminal to another completely and in a timely manner. They eliminate latency when there is a heavy flow of information. Besides giving you a smooth signal, it also protects important and confidential information wired through the internet such as bank transfers, payments and other activities online that involves private details.

The CAT3 was replaced by the more enhanced CAT 5 that carries a speed of 100 mbps or more. CAT3 only supports data at a speed of 10 megabits per second so that is quite a difference. The CAT 5 can be laid down in up to 100 meters or 300 feet distance at standard. The CAT5e is an advanced version of the CAT 5 cable because it supports data at 1,000 mbps. When used with 100 Base-T networks, it can cover 1,150 feet or 350 meter distance. The CAT 5 cable is best installed with a CAT 5 cable reel. The cable reel makes it easy for you to install the cable even without the help of a computer technician. Contracting the service of an expert to lay out the cables may even cost more than the actual cost of the cable reel itself. When it is a simple networking job mainly for personal use, you can set out the cable yourself with the aid of a cable reel. CAT 5 cable with RJ-45 jacks can be found together in the market which makes it much easier and convenient because you will have little to work on.

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