Personal Security

Efficiency Brought About By The Golden State DVRs In A Combo With Security Cameras

The need for total security has increased over the past few years due to high crime rate particularly theft, hostage crimes, and inside job crimes related to anything disadvantageous to our common perception of reason.  When it comes to total security and high-accuracy results, one that can comply with the purpose are Golden State DVRs especially those that work together with Security Cameras.
Golden State DVRs are very popular nowadays and being used by different organizations from the smallest kinds of business up to those belonging to the corporate.  The use of these Golden State DVRs are maximized when used together with reliable and clear security cameras.  Actually CCTV or the Closed Circuit Television security cameras are the ones widely used so far rather than the before famous AES or Automatic Electronic Shutter.  When it comes to choosing the best security cameras, one must go for the clearer and higher-definition security cameras for more valid and reliable results of recorded videos.  Then use these security cameras with Golden State DVRs that are available in different channels such as 4, 8, and 16.  It is the most advanced in video recording technology that produces MPEG4 as an output and consumes very minimal amount in storage because of its small file size.  With that, there are a lot of recorded files that can be stored.  It has remote sensor and is equipped with high quality remote control that can provide high-speed transmission for better security functions.  Golden State DVRs are perfectly designed for both personal and professional use.  A lot of security cameras can be bought from any electrical shop but always bear in mind to check the resolution of the lens, the voltage of the camera (if it will fit with the voltage you have at home or at your business), sensitive enough to capture clear data, the size (to make sure that it won’t be that much visible and recognizable by visitors or customers), and the temperature during operation (to make sure that they won’t over heat right away when in use).
The reason why CCTV security cameras are the best pick compared to other security cameras because it defines more lines, the resolution is at its best, and provide the best picture quality (high-definition).  Do take not that the higher the number of pixels, the higher is its picture quality.  The good thing of pairing this with Golden State DVRs is that you can easily view the live security recording by just using your cellular phone (such as Blackberry or IPhones) or other mobile devises as long as they are supported by Windows OS, Android OS, or Symbian OS.  Some of the main features of Golden State DVRs are DVD-R burning is enabled, high-speed network transmission, high resolution for all cameras connected, exporting and importing of files are very easy, automatic video backup, viewing, recording, and playback.  There are definitely no worries at all as long as you have Golden State DVRs and security cameras in your businesses and homes.

It is better to be secured before everything else fails.  The most important thing when it comes to properties such at business and houses is to have them secured and be aware of everything that is happening.  Installation of Golden State DVRs and security cameras will really help in implementing total security within your entire place.  It is very easy to maintain once they are already installed in your place.  You really get the worth of every penny that you paid for. So free yourself from worries and have your place totally secured.

Guardian Alert calls 911 for any emergency

Sometimes a simple device to use for emergencies is clearly the best. The Guardian Alert by LogicMark and offered by Value Tech Supply (  is a small calling pendant you can wear around your neck, attach to a wheelchair or clip on your belt. It is actually a little speakerphone. The difference is, it calls only one important phone number. It only calls 911. It is there for a true emergency . All you have to do is press the button and the pendant will automatically call 911. There are no monthly fees when you purchase the Guardian Alert and it is easy to install in your home. The best thing about the Guardian Alert is that any senior,disabled person or really anyone that lives alone can live independently and feel safe. It is an alarm system you wear in your own home . You can even use it in case of any intrusion or time when you do not feel safe. Remember this pendant calls 911 without delay of any intermediary operator. Get help fast when you need it most!