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The Kendall Howard Sale Is Here!

Value Tech Suppy is excited to announce the BIG SALE on selected Kendall Howard Racks! This summer, select Server Racks, mounts and cabinets are on sale!

The Company

Kendall Howard is the leading innovators in product design of IT rack mounts and furniture. They have one simple philosophy: The answer is Yes! And so what is the question? This philosophy is the company’s keystone foundation that made it the leader in the industry. They develop state of the art IT Furniture, Server Racks and Accessories which changed the way companies and IT installers look at them. Kendall Howard is committed to exceed customer expectations by taking into consideration what Installers, Network Engineers and IT Managers say about IT racks and furniture.
At, Kendall Howard is a top line innovator providing consumers with the best quality products for all networking and technology needs.  We have products to meet your every need – whether it’s an outfit to a new security system in your warehouse, or simply to better organize your servers. carries Kendall Howard Wall Racks’ innovative products which you can rely. The brand that is synonymous with durability, functionality, quality and innovation.
Kendall Howard products come with a lifetime warranty and flexible designs perfect for customizing your business or company IT space. With such innovative products, you can be sure of a “perfect fit” in all your IT organization needs.

Kendall Howard is on SALE!
Here at, top of the line maker Kendall Howard racks, mounts and other IT accessories are on a BIG SALE. This is the best time to check out IT racks, furniture and accessories you might need in your business today. has a selection of Kendall Howard products on sale price to fit every budget and meet your needs when it comes to organizing, storing and protecting your IT equipment.
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Some of the Kendall Howard items on sale at are the -
Kendall Howard Davco DS-100 security stand – $167.95 now from $199!
Kendall Howard 12U Side Mount Wall Rack W/Free Rack Screws – Sale: at $297.95 from $339.95

Kendall Howard Wall Mount Rack 8U W/Free Rack Screws Sale: $96.95 from $161.95

Kendall Howard Wallmount VCR DVR Security Lockbox Bracket Set Sale: $25.95
Plus, get a free pack of rack screws with each purchase of Kendall Howard Open Frame Wall mount racks!
For a list of Kendall Howard Items on Sale, check out now! Sale is on until September 30, 2011 only.

Security for your equipment data room or work station

Ensuring data security as IT continues to dominate business and government operations, companies need to be certain  their network electronic equipment is safe by using  locked data racks and enclosures along with security cameras and firewalls.  Although we usually believe security threats come from outside thieves or cyber hackers many breaks in security come from internal personnel.

Unauthorized internal access to servers and workstations  is among the most common threat to a business’ security. The 2008 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey reports that insider abuse ranks among the top two security concerns, with 44% of security professionals citing the threat.

More and more IT managers are utilizing locked security cabinets and enclosures for their electronics including servers and even lock boxes for their dvr equipment. Keys are given only to those in charge for safe keeping. Additionally, security cameras whether covert or clearly mounted in your office or server room act as the number 1 prevention tool for business putting any potential burglar on notice. Server racks and enclosures offered by US manufactured companies like Kendall Howard and Middle Atlantic Products and security cameras from Hawk-i and Golden State Instrument offer some of your best solutions for securing your business data. Quality products such as these can be purchased at very economical prices from Value Tech Supply ( A leader in providing security products ,they guarantee great service and their prices are very competitive.

Generic vs Brand Name: Are they really the same?

Think about your prescriptions. Are they brand name or generic?  What is less expensive? Are they really the same? In most cases they are. This debate can be noted for many other products we consumers use on a daily basis. Many times the corn flakes we eat are even manufactured by the brand name companies. In the case of many cables used in residential, home theater or industrial applications they also have the same product make up. Especially when cables meet certifications such as category 5E or Category 6 or HDMI. Manufacturers cannot claim the name unless it meets the criteria in the industry. The next time you buy expensive brand name cables think again if they are really different than the generic less expensive cables in the marketplace. Check out the specifications and see for yourself.

At Value Tech (  we sell both generic and brand name cables, cable managers, jacks and patch panels. You be the judge. We are here to give you value no matter what you choose to purchase.

$512 Million Offer For Nortel

Ciena Corp. is making a bid for Nortel’s ethernet division, making an offer of $512,000,000 for the beleaguered Canadian company’s assets. If successful, Ciena could emerge as a larger player in the North American networking equipment market. The offer is the opening bid in a November auction that speculators say may offer some stiff competition from larger corporations like Nokia and Siemens. Ciena has committed to retaining 85% of the Nortel’s workforce.

Nortel, the century old Canadian telecom giant, suffered in the wake of the so-called ‘dot-com bubble’ bursting of 2000-2001. In January 2009, Nortel declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy; as a result, it has discontinued its WiMax business and has sold several of its assets to other tech firms like Radware, Avaya and Ericsson, who acquired Nortel’s mobile-oriented CDMA and 4G divisions over the summer.

Despite Nortel’s long and troubled record, it is still a major networking equipment manufacturer, and the sale of its ethernet division is going to shake up the North American market. Although Ciena has placed the initial bid, the auction – which is still a month away – is anyone’s game at this point.

Networking Equipment Trends

The standards for computer networks are in the midst of a major change, according to data released by market intelligence firm In-Stat.

According to the data, users are migrating from ethernet (long the most popular networking technology) to faster options, like moving from Cat5e to the significantly faster Cat6 cable for physical connectivity between devices or a move to wireless networking using 802.11 devices. Users already using wireless networks are also trending faster, with many wi-fi networks moving to 802.11g or the emergine 802.11n.

The research suggests that wireless networks will soon outnumber wired ethernet networks, and networks as a whole are projected to number over 300 million by 2011. Other trends include the incorporation of non-PC or laptop electronic device into networks, a trend which is bound to increase as more manufacturers incorporate support for networking technology into their products.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that wireless is the right move for your office or campus network. While wireless technology is convenient, it can still be exploited a lot more easily than a hardwired network can. If security is absolutely paramount, your best bet is to stay with a wired network and upgrade to faster cables. If your office is still using Cat5 cables, upgrading to Cat6 or even Cat5e can give you a dramatic transfer speed increase.

Looking to update the network in your office? Shop in our store, where we have Cat6 cable and super-fast Cat6a cable in bulk and a whole array of other networking products.