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What Are Patch Cords and How They Make Distribution of Transmission Signals Possible

Patch cords are actually cables and like any other cables; they are used to connect electronic devices. Using patch cords, you are able to use one system device with another. Two or more electrical equipment can be operated simultaneously when connected by patch cords. Hi-tech audio and visual systems and computer networks use this type of connectivity.

Take a look behind a home theatre system or a network of several computers and you will see a web of cords. Did you notice those short colored cables? Those are patch cords that serve as the path for signals to travel from one device to another.

Patch cords are color coded, mostly in yellow, green, white and brown. Did you see those colored terminal ports too? The outer bearing of the terminal ports are likewise colored accordingly, also in yellow, green, white and brown. The patch cords are plugged into several ports at the back of the device. The color makes it easy to distinguish which cord goes into which port.

The cord is no more than two meters in length and has a plug on both ends. One end is to be plugged into the terminal of the primary device and the other into the port of usually an accessory device. Since there could be more than two cords attached from one device to another, expect a mesh of cords. Some people find the entangled cords a bit messy, which prompted some manufacturers to come up with rubber clips to hold them. This has also paved the way for the introduction of patch cords that consist of several cords encapsulated in a single cable. Having a single cable with several cords reduces the clutter.

The RJ-45 is a well known patch cord in the world of computer networking. Networking systems use Ethernet patch cords, which are coaxial in nature. When you say coaxial, it means that the wirings inside the cable are primarily built for use in transmission lines. It transmits radio frequency signals and cable television signals through transmitters, receivers like antennas, and network connections in computers. When used in computer network, the Ethernet is the connecting cord between the hub or the main switch of the network and the computers involved.

Electronic signals are inversely proportional to distance. This means the longer the distance of the cord from the main switch to the receiving device, the weaker is the signal being transmitted. It should be that as much as possible the secondary device, being the recipient of the signal, is close to the mother source of the signal. That is why shorter patch cords are highly recommended. In the event where longer patch cords need to be utilized, use quality cables being that longer distance means more probability of interference while signal is en route.

Poorly made patch cords reduce the quality of the signal being transmitted and inevitably affects the performance of the device. A quality cable should be able to live up to what it is made for in the first place.

What Does CAT 5 Cables Do And Other Basic Facts About Networking Using Ethernet Cable

CAT 5 cable is short for category 5 cable and it is the layman’s term for Ethernet cable. Some people find it hard to understand what CAT 5 cable is and for what purpose it is used for. If you have a computer device at home, chances are you have seen what it looks like. It is that blue cable that runs between the terminal port of your computer or laptop and the modem.

They basically transmit internet signals from the modem to your computer. Try taking the blue cable off your computer and you will not have an internet connection. You will notice that when you look at the modem, the yellow light above the description “Ethernet” is dead. That is supposed to light up when connection between the modem and the laptop is established and that is only possible if you connect a CAT 5 cable properly.

This type of cable comes in many colors with blue being the most commonly known color. They can also be made to order size and colors depending on your needs.  At a closer inspection, you will notice on both ends of the CAT 5 that there are twisted pairs of wires individually wrapped in a plastic cable of different colors. There are blue, orange, yellow, green, white smaller cables inside the plastic sheath on both ends of the cable.

The individually wrapped smaller cables inside insulates the signal from outside interference making sure information is transmitted from one terminal to another completely and in a timely manner. They eliminate latency when there is a heavy flow of information. Besides giving you a smooth signal, it also protects important and confidential information wired through the internet such as bank transfers, payments and other activities online that involves private details.

The CAT3 was replaced by the more enhanced CAT 5 that carries a speed of 100 mbps or more. CAT3 only supports data at a speed of 10 megabits per second so that is quite a difference. The CAT 5 can be laid down in up to 100 meters or 300 feet distance at standard. The CAT5e is an advanced version of the CAT 5 cable because it supports data at 1,000 mbps. When used with 100 Base-T networks, it can cover 1,150 feet or 350 meter distance. The CAT 5 cable is best installed with a CAT 5 cable reel. The cable reel makes it easy for you to install the cable even without the help of a computer technician. Contracting the service of an expert to lay out the cables may even cost more than the actual cost of the cable reel itself. When it is a simple networking job mainly for personal use, you can set out the cable yourself with the aid of a cable reel. CAT 5 cable with RJ-45 jacks can be found together in the market which makes it much easier and convenient because you will have little to work on.

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Efficiency Brought About By The Golden State DVRs In A Combo With Security Cameras

The need for total security has increased over the past few years due to high crime rate particularly theft, hostage crimes, and inside job crimes related to anything disadvantageous to our common perception of reason.  When it comes to total security and high-accuracy results, one that can comply with the purpose are Golden State DVRs especially those that work together with Security Cameras.
Golden State DVRs are very popular nowadays and being used by different organizations from the smallest kinds of business up to those belonging to the corporate.  The use of these Golden State DVRs are maximized when used together with reliable and clear security cameras.  Actually CCTV or the Closed Circuit Television security cameras are the ones widely used so far rather than the before famous AES or Automatic Electronic Shutter.  When it comes to choosing the best security cameras, one must go for the clearer and higher-definition security cameras for more valid and reliable results of recorded videos.  Then use these security cameras with Golden State DVRs that are available in different channels such as 4, 8, and 16.  It is the most advanced in video recording technology that produces MPEG4 as an output and consumes very minimal amount in storage because of its small file size.  With that, there are a lot of recorded files that can be stored.  It has remote sensor and is equipped with high quality remote control that can provide high-speed transmission for better security functions.  Golden State DVRs are perfectly designed for both personal and professional use.  A lot of security cameras can be bought from any electrical shop but always bear in mind to check the resolution of the lens, the voltage of the camera (if it will fit with the voltage you have at home or at your business), sensitive enough to capture clear data, the size (to make sure that it won’t be that much visible and recognizable by visitors or customers), and the temperature during operation (to make sure that they won’t over heat right away when in use).
The reason why CCTV security cameras are the best pick compared to other security cameras because it defines more lines, the resolution is at its best, and provide the best picture quality (high-definition).  Do take not that the higher the number of pixels, the higher is its picture quality.  The good thing of pairing this with Golden State DVRs is that you can easily view the live security recording by just using your cellular phone (such as Blackberry or IPhones) or other mobile devises as long as they are supported by Windows OS, Android OS, or Symbian OS.  Some of the main features of Golden State DVRs are DVD-R burning is enabled, high-speed network transmission, high resolution for all cameras connected, exporting and importing of files are very easy, automatic video backup, viewing, recording, and playback.  There are definitely no worries at all as long as you have Golden State DVRs and security cameras in your businesses and homes.

It is better to be secured before everything else fails.  The most important thing when it comes to properties such at business and houses is to have them secured and be aware of everything that is happening.  Installation of Golden State DVRs and security cameras will really help in implementing total security within your entire place.  It is very easy to maintain once they are already installed in your place.  You really get the worth of every penny that you paid for. So free yourself from worries and have your place totally secured.

The new Freedom Alert System with DECT technology has superior voice and signal strength capabilities

DECT technology is now available for the latest versions of the Freedom Alert 911 System.  DECT is an abreviation for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. It is  is a digital wireless communication technology that operates at 1.9 GHz. This technology is a standard for cordless telephones. The 1.9 GHz is a very low frequency and technically speaking, the lower the frequency, the longer the physical range you’ll get with your Freedom Alert 911 System or any cordless telephone. It will penetrate walls and ceilings much better than the previous model without DECT. The Freedom Alert is made with DECT 6.0 software technology  and gives you far superior audio and distance capabilities. DECT technology is designed specifically for your cordless Freedom Alert for excellent performance in any home, office or rehabilitation center environment.  In addition to the clarity of the voice and superior range, DECT technology also ensures the batteries will last longer too saving you money.  Older versions of the Freedom Alert have an antenna on the base unit. This newer version does not need this antenna since the DECT technology is so much more capable . Make sure you ask if you are receiving a Freedom Alert 911 System with the new DECT technology before you make your purchase. The new Freedom Alert 911with DECT technology is  manufactured by LogicMark, a leader in senior and medical alerts products. Don’t be fooled by companies trying to sell you an older version. Get the best with absolutely no price increase from Value Tech Supply.

Security for your equipment data room or work station

Ensuring data security as IT continues to dominate business and government operations, companies need to be certain  their network electronic equipment is safe by using  locked data racks and enclosures along with security cameras and firewalls.  Although we usually believe security threats come from outside thieves or cyber hackers many breaks in security come from internal personnel.

Unauthorized internal access to servers and workstations  is among the most common threat to a business’ security. The 2008 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey reports that insider abuse ranks among the top two security concerns, with 44% of security professionals citing the threat.

More and more IT managers are utilizing locked security cabinets and enclosures for their electronics including servers and even lock boxes for their dvr equipment. Keys are given only to those in charge for safe keeping. Additionally, security cameras whether covert or clearly mounted in your office or server room act as the number 1 prevention tool for business putting any potential burglar on notice. Server racks and enclosures offered by US manufactured companies like Kendall Howard and Middle Atlantic Products and security cameras from Hawk-i and Golden State Instrument offer some of your best solutions for securing your business data. Quality products such as these can be purchased at very economical prices from Value Tech Supply ( A leader in providing security products ,they guarantee great service and their prices are very competitive.

Generic vs Brand Name: Are they really the same?

Think about your prescriptions. Are they brand name or generic?  What is less expensive? Are they really the same? In most cases they are. This debate can be noted for many other products we consumers use on a daily basis. Many times the corn flakes we eat are even manufactured by the brand name companies. In the case of many cables used in residential, home theater or industrial applications they also have the same product make up. Especially when cables meet certifications such as category 5E or Category 6 or HDMI. Manufacturers cannot claim the name unless it meets the criteria in the industry. The next time you buy expensive brand name cables think again if they are really different than the generic less expensive cables in the marketplace. Check out the specifications and see for yourself.

At Value Tech (  we sell both generic and brand name cables, cable managers, jacks and patch panels. You be the judge. We are here to give you value no matter what you choose to purchase.

Guardian Alert calls 911 for any emergency

Sometimes a simple device to use for emergencies is clearly the best. The Guardian Alert by LogicMark and offered by Value Tech Supply (  is a small calling pendant you can wear around your neck, attach to a wheelchair or clip on your belt. It is actually a little speakerphone. The difference is, it calls only one important phone number. It only calls 911. It is there for a true emergency . All you have to do is press the button and the pendant will automatically call 911. There are no monthly fees when you purchase the Guardian Alert and it is easy to install in your home. The best thing about the Guardian Alert is that any senior,disabled person or really anyone that lives alone can live independently and feel safe. It is an alarm system you wear in your own home . You can even use it in case of any intrusion or time when you do not feel safe. Remember this pendant calls 911 without delay of any intermediary operator. Get help fast when you need it most!

What really is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a term used to describe an audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. It is the first and only industry supported all digital interface on a single cable.  That is why it is so popular with all home theater applications. Instead of running separate cables for audio and video, consumers can just install one cable  making it easy yet providing amazing digital audio and video performance. HDMI can provide an interface between any  digital TV, DVD player , audio/video receiver and audio or video monitor over a single cable. HDMI has become the standard for high definition interface in both business and consumer electronic markets.

For consumers setting up home theater there is no difference between HDMI version 1.3 and 1.3a or 1.3b.

Not only is HDMI known for simple installations, but it is  intelligent. It  handles  two-way communication between a video source such as a DVD player and a digital television , allowing  automatic configurations and one-touch play. By using HDMI, devices automatically deliver the most effective format (e.g 480p vs 720p, 16:9 vs 4:3) for the display that it is connected to. This eliminates the need for the consumer to scroll through all the format options to guess what looks best. HDMI is totally compatible with DVI  devices. HDMI Digital televisions  will display video received from existing DVI-equipped products, and DVI-equipped TVs will display video from HDMI sources. However, be careful and check out  older PCs with DVI that maybe  designed only to support computer monitors and  not televisions. If you are considering the purchase of a  PC with DVI  you should  make sure that it specifically includes support for television formats and not just computer monitors.

Personal Experience with the Freedom Alert

Well you always think you are buying a gadget that sounds good to use but never really know if it will come in handy for you. This was the case when I bought my 83 year old mother a LogicMark Freedom Alert 911 system from for Mothers Day. It is a pendant that my mom wears around her neck in the house. In an emergency she can press the button and it will call up to 4 people and 911 in any sequence you program. There are no monthly fees I had to pay and no contract or activation fees. I figured this would be a great thing to have in case of emergency. She has severe Osteoporosis and Parkinsons Disease. I always worry about her falling and not being there to help her.  I felt like she had some protection 24 hours a day even if no one was at home. Two weeks after I got the unit , my mom fell going from the porch to the den on a sliding glass door track. She was shuffling her feet and did not see where she was going. She fell face first into the carpeting and fractured her sternum. Luckily she was wearing her Freedom Alert and she contacted me immediately. We called 911 and the paramedics took her to the hospital within a few minutes. I was able to meet her there and help with the hospital admission process. Since the incident she was moved to a rehab facility and is coming home wednesday. We are excited for her to come home again and I feel confident that her Freedom Alert medical system will once again be there for her in case of emergency. I loved the fact that it called me so I knew exactly what was going on and could talk to my mom  during this crisis. It is a personal communicator that I am now convinced anyone young or old with any disability should not be without.